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Beyonce Called Out Fabolous For Comparing Her To Solange


Fabolous has admitted he was called out by Beyonce for comparing her to her sister Solange and we honestly have no words. Queen Bey’s not having any of it.

The rapper explained that, in the past, he hasn’t thought twice about putting a ‘catchy’ line about specific people in his raps – until Beyonce and Solange, that is. ‘Sometimes you say punchlines or say things in music or rap…you may not any know any seriousness behind it, you just try to say something in the moment to catch attention,’ he explained. Fab added on The Breakfast Club:

‘There was a freestyle, or a song or something and I said, “If you can have Beyonce, would you take Solange?”‘ Laughing, the star referenced lift-gate, acknowledging: ‘Luckily she didn’t run down on me in an elevator.’


However, he recalled: ‘The first person I saw was Bey…She was telling me like that they rock with me and know me…I didn’t see the deeper side of it.’ Chatting about his advice from the singer, who is thriving after releasing her new Ivy Park line, he added:

‘She told me, “These are people, saying something like that could personally hurt her.”‘ Later on, Fab got his chance to apologise to Solange. ‘I ended up seeing her…she was stiff…she was like “Alright, thank you,”‘ he said.

‘She said, “The tongue is mighty and when you say something, especially somebody of your stature… make sure it’s what you want to say because you could be hurting someone you don’t even know.”‘ Considering himself well and truly told, Fab added:

‘Beyonce is graceful man, even her way of checking you is graceful.’ We can definitely believe it. The sisters have previously made it clear that comparing them is not cool in the slightest, with Solange tweeting the iconic statement: ‘Don’t try to love ME becuz u want 2 be the “anti Beyonce.”

‘I am the “all for” Beyonce. Now kiss both of our Knowles a**es if u don’t like it!’ You heard her!