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CM Punk Blasts WWE And The Miz


On tonight’s edition of WWE Backstage, WWE Superstar The Miz cut a quick promo while the show was about to end, and took a shot at the show’s analyst and special contributor CM Punk in the process.

“Oh yeah, we are now done with WWE Backstage. They’re taking the microphones off of me, it was great, it was amazing. I feel like this was the best WWE Backstage ever. Name one that was better. Sorry, sorry I didn’t change the culture, my bad, my bad.”

This was a jibe at the statement that Punk made when he made his shocking first appearance on the show last year. The promo didn’t sit we will with Punk, and the former WWE Superstar decided to let The Miz know what he thinks of The A-lister.

Punk posted a profanity-filled tweet targeting The Miz, while also taking a major shot at WWE’s association with Saudi Arabia. The tweet contains extremely foul language, and can be checked out on this link.