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Griezmann Heroics Vs Ibiza Make Peace Between 2 Barca Fans


Antoine Griezmann’s arrival back in summer was a controversial topic among fans. However, the forward’s double against Ibiza was the right moment to remind cules that the Frenchman is a true gem.

Kromah Musah: “Atletico Madrid and their fans are mad right now seeing Griezmann shine, Oh well, that’s our Griezy now.” 🤷‍♀️

Antoine’s good display led to a surprising confession from another user. He was against the move and even started a dispute with Kromah Musah.

Arwen Mundowiel: “I argued with you about getting him, except ever since he showed up in a Barca kit, I’ve really liked him.”

It’s nice to see the fans respecting each other.

Kromah Musah: “I remember that, bro. Even though we didn’t see eyes to eyes back then, in the end we came to realize that he is good for Barca. Therefore [peace].” 🤝

The Frenchman netted his 10th and 11th goals in the Copa del Rey Round of 32 against minnows Ibiza on Wednesday night. It took Antoine Griezmann just five months to score as many goals for Barcelona as Philippe Coutinho managed last season.