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Helen Mirren diamond earrings Worth $4 Million To The Golden Globes


Let’s pray she didn’t lose an earring

Every year as award season rolls around, the A-listers pull out all the stops to ensure they look picture perfect on the red carpet. And this year’s Golden Globes was no exception.

Helen Mirren posed for the cameras absolutely dripping in diamonds – in fact, she was sporting a cool $4 million worth.

Helen accessorised her beautiful red Christian Dior off the shoulder dress with a bundle of Harry Winston jewels, included a cascading diamond drop necklace, a pair of stunning cluster diamond earrings with ruby drops, and a Winston cluster diamond ring.

She told reporters that she felt ‘queenly’ in her gown as it was the first time she has had ‘a Dior dress made for me’.

Helen was nominated for the Best Actress In A Limited Series award thanks to her excellent performance in HBO’s Catherine The Great. She told Entertainment Tonight: ‘They say we are winning just by being here.

‘What an incredible privilege and exciting thing that all those people watching us on television, thinking and wondering what it’s like, and here we are. We are here and it's an amazingly exciting thing…. It’s a very special moment, and I just try to enjoy it as much as I can.’

The national treasure missed out on the gong to Michelle Williams, who took home the award for her performance as dancer Gwen Verdon in biographical mini-series, Fosse/Verdons.

She used her acceptance speech to address abortion rights, telling the crowd: ‘When you put this in someone’s hands you’re acknowledging the choices they make as an actor.

‘Moment by moment, scene by scene, day by day. But you’re also acknowledging the choices they make as a person. The education they pursued, the training they sought, the hours they put in.

‘I’m grateful for the acknowledgement of the choices I’ve made and I’m also grateful to have lived in a moment in our society where choice exists, because of the fact that as women and as girls, things can happen to our bodies that are not our choice.’