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John Cena Feared Tarnishing WWE Legacy


John Cena has been vocal about stepping away from WWE without outstaying his welcome – and it seems his decision was influence by the big screen.

The former world champion admitted he didn’t want to end up like Mickey Rourke’s tragic character Randy “The Ram” Robinson in The Wrestler – which was directed by Darren Aronofsky and earned it is leading man a Golden Globe and BAFTA – who's working to make ends meet while clinging to his legacy well past his glory days. He told Collider:

‘I don’t want to be greedy as a performer and I see that a lot in sports entertainment. The movie The Wrestler was centred around a guy who can’t let go. I’m being a s**ty human being because of the fact that I can’t let go of this thing.

‘I invested my life in that company and then there’s no one, whether they like my performance or not, that will argue that. I think after the extended period of time that I put in, it’s okay for me to take a step back and reflect and be like, “Okay, I need to have more than that in my life because of the fact that if that’s all that defines me, that’s a depreciating asset”.

‘Every sunset that happens, I get a little slower and a little older and a little slower and a little older and it’s eventually going to end.’ For Cena – who has become a huge name in Hollywood with upcoming roles in the likes of The Suicide Squad and the Fast & Furious franchise – also insisted he doesn’t mind if his fame and fortune ‘all stops tomorrow’ because of the fact that he’s had a fantastic run.

‘I know the good things that define me and I know the qualities I have as a human being,’ he added. ‘I’m going to move on and go forward. I know that all this is borrowed. I’m just grateful to have it and grateful to be able to contribute.’

hat’s not to say he’s ready to totally ignore his WWE legacy, or take over the current product at the expense of the younger stars. He explained:

‘What I don’t want to do is take somebody who has spent 50 bucks on a ticket for themselves, their partner, their families, they bought souvenirs, they bought popcorn and paid for parking and have look at me like, “He used to be something.