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John Cena Teases Wrestlemania Return


John Cena might have swapped headlocks and jean shorts for the bright lights of Hollywood, but he’s never going to forget his roots.

Although 2019 marked his first year since 2002 without a pay-per-view match, the 42-year-old star hopes he'll always be recognised for his illustrious WWE career.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: ‘I hope they always view me as a member of the WWE, due to the fact that I am. Whether it’s watching the events or being able to participate, any chance I’m given to answer this question, WWE is my family.

‘It’s weird that the culture is, you either do this or you do that, and for 20 years I’ve been trying to tell people, “No, it’s all really cool”. So I don’t ever want to not be known as a WWE superstar.’

The wrestler turned actor – who can be seen on the big screen in family action comedy Playing With Fire – has taken a step back from in-ring action more recently, but he still considers WWE his time. Indeed, with WrestleMania 36 heading to Tampa Bay in April, Cena has teased the possibility of an appearance at the show of shows.

Although he didn’t compete on pay-per-view in 2019, the 16-time world champion still treated fans to a surprise cameo of sorts at ‘Mania 35 in New Jersey, when he stepped out as his old Doctor of Thuganomics character in a standoff rap battle with Elias.