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Ken Jeong Admits He’s The ‘Dumbest Judge’ On ‘The Masked Singer’


Ken Jeong paid a visit to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (January 20) and dished all about being a judge on The Masked Singer!

“To be on a show like The Masked Singer is just such an honor. I mean really, no one knew it'd be this big or this popular. And then, no one also knew that I would be the dumbest judge on that show,” the 50-year-old actor told Jimmy.

“I didn’t know that was my legacy. You know you’re stupid when you think the poodle is Dog the Bounty Hunter. And I wish that was a joke,” Ken continued. “Well, that’s the arc of my life — I got paid as a doctor to be smart, and now I’m paid way more to be stupid. That’s just insane. Stupid sells, baby!”

Ken Jeong also assured Fallon that the judges really are kept in the dark about the true identity of the contestants leading up to each episode.

“There’s a whole method. It’s like two separate shows going on. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t know who the contestants are,” Ken said. “The contestants have to wear black hoodies and black visors and black t-shirts that say ‘Don’t look at me’. And their agents, publicists, their whole squad, they've to wear masks, just in case, let’s say we have the same agent or something like that, we don’t know who anybody is.”