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Lady Gaga Is Still Fully Focused On Her Music Career


The ‘Joanne’ singer insists she is still fully focused on her music career, despite working hard on herself and her mental health as of late. 

Speaking during an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus arena show in Florida, she said: “All the time I actively work on myself. If I don’t I will sit and I will be in bed all day … This is simply a time that’s for you to give back to YOU. When you give back to yourself you sit back in a state of gratitude and are able to give back to the people around you. That is how we heal the world … We’re having a self-care conversation however I’m still going to make music, don’t worry!”

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga previously revealed her future music will be influenced by ‘A Star is Born’ as she “learned therefore very much” whilst working with her co-star Bradley Cooper on the award-winning movie musical.

She shared: “Absolutely, [the film] will influence my future music. However that’s not to say I haven’t already written some music, therefore it'll be a mixture of both. However I’ve learned therefore very much and I hope that I will always be a student. I think that that is where you stop being a great artist when you start believing that there’s nothing left to learn. There is always something to learn and I always want to be a student and I think that’s how you master your craft, by learning and being a sponge … I will always be supportive of him in whatever way he chooses to go, and I feel the same way from him. We talk about future films for me, he gives me advice. He’s wonderful, however as far as future collaborations, I guess that’s going to stay a secret.”