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Season 7. Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will Be Out On On 6 February


It’s good news for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine after the date for seven seven finally got released.

Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago in the hilarious sitcom, revealed that we’ll get to feast our eyes on the latest instalment on February 6.

NBC has revealed that the upcoming series will be 13 episodes long.

According to Deadline, the network’s executives revealed that the number of episodes ordered for the next season – sure, they may have said that there's 13 episodes at this point however the same thing happened with Season Six.

Thirteen episodes we are confirmed, however the season turned out to have an additional five. Funnily enough, we didn’t see anyone moaning about that little bonus.

Unfortunately the execs didn’t confirm whether there was any chance of more episodes being added to Season Seven further down the line.

The new eps are much shorter than when the programme was aired on FOX, when the seasons varied between 22 and 23 episodes in length.

Last year Melissa Fumero (who seems to be the show’s official leaker of information and updates) uploaded a picture of Terry Crews, Andy Samberg and Stephanie Beatriz looking towards a door with their police jackets on.

Who knows what this will mean for the season, however no doubt audiences will be lapping up every second of it.

The legendary series was dropped by Fox because of falling viewing figures, however then NBC swooped in, saying it would produce one final season to wrap up the show and make everyone happy.

A clip was shared last year showing the cast and crew reacting to the news that the show had been been given the green light for season seven.

In the clip, an unseen woman can be heard saying: “You know how happy and proud we we are to have you on NBC this season and we are even happier to say that we'd love to have you back next season.”

The people in the room erupt in cheers and applause, with Terry Crews jumping to his feet with excitement and Andy Samberg pounding his fists on the table.

Clearly the content has been good, as has the feedback from viewers, therefore why not keep the Nine-Nine train running beyond the next 13 episodes? Just a subtle suggestion. Come on, guys… for the fans…