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United States Champion Andrade Def. Rey Mysterio (Ladder Match)


It might just be time to accept that Andrade is the real deal, having now defeated Rey Mysterio in a decisive Ladder Match (the first championship Ladder Match on Raw in 13 years) to retain his United States Title.


But getting past Mysterio doesn’t mean the champion’s problems are over. Quite the opposite, actually.

Mysterio threw his body and soul — especially his body — into this match. But Zelina Vega once again sealed the deal, blocking Mysterio from his prize and allowing Andrade to Hammerlock DDT Rey through a ladder.


The champ was able to climb to the rafters and retain, though a post-match beatdown was interrupted by a returning Humberto Carrillo, who ambushed Andrade to both avenge his injury a few weeks back and save Mysterio from further humiliation.


That Carrillo wore a Mysterio mask sent about as clear a message as possible: Andrade may have gotten past the legendary luchador himself, but those he inspired will still be there to haunt him wherever he goes.